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Filthy Phrases - A Catch Phrase Style Party Game

4.6 ( 5456 ratings )
Gry Planszowe Słowo
Desenvolvedor: Rocket Thought Marketing Inc.
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Filthy Phrases is an adults-only party game inspired by the popular game Catch Phrase. Get a few of your dirty-minded friends together and say or do just about anything to get your team to guess the filthy phrase.

You’ll spend your night literally laughing out loud… especially when watching your friends’ reaction when they learn new phrases - like what a glass bottom boat really is! With over 1000 phrases available, you can plays for hours!

Filthy Phrases is a great addition to your pre-drink or games night. If youre not easily offended and like games like Catch Phrase or Cards Against Humanity, youll love this game!

1) Make 2 teams and sit in a circle
2) Every 2nd person is on the same team
3) Get your team to guess the filthy phrase youre given
4) Quickly pass the game to the other team (person on your left)
5) The team not holding the game when the buzzer sounds gets a point
6) First to 7 points wins!

“Seriously so fun. Changed the whole vibe of the party” – Elainefaux

"Learned a lot of new phrases tonight while laughing a ton!" - Gil1975

"Turn it into a drinking game and I guarantee itll be a good time" - Shorty70506

“This game is truly awesome! We love to play on Friday nights when the kiddos are watching movies!” – neverendinglori

"This is the best party game. Highly recommended" - Mud1

"Hilarious, energetic, and simply silly" - ppiicckk

"Awesome game to play at a party" - Gibdick55

“Everyone needs this game” - Arcman811

“This game is so fun! I literally lol every time!” - Sharpie28495